Review of Passenger from the Makers of Siberia – Mikulski
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Review of Passenger from the Makers of Siberia

“Passenger” received a small review in a selection of November releases from the Makers of Siberia edition:

Bass guitarist Vsevolod Mikulski, a veteran of the Krasnoyarsk rock scene, who has played in many projects, has been working exclusively in solo mode in recent years. The main unit of his work is a stream, in which Mikulski creates his music using a looper, bass guitar and guitar in real time; releases like “Passenger” already collect the cream of the gizmos created within such streams. “Passenger” explores the rock direction of the musician’s creativity — there are sketches in the post-rock and alternative guitar spirit, with periodic inclusions of funky bass. It seems that if a vocalist worked with Mikulski, quite sensible rock songs could turn out — in a purely instrumental form, they seem to lack some final little thing, a bright cherry on a confidently made cake to shine seriously.

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