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Song Request

You can make a request for any track from the Mikulski_Radio playlist using bots:

The logic of the request is the same everywhere: a special command is entered into chat !sr and the title of the desired track.
For example, !sr Elderly Flex

It will take a couple of seconds to check the request for errors and if everything is fine, the bot will respond with the message: Request by <user> – Elderly Flex and the track will be next in the queue for playback.

If a mistake is made in the track title (for example, Eldirly Flex), then the reaction will be:: Oops! Invalid Request! Track not found.

It is important to specify the name exactly without extra characters and spaces.
It is allowed to write the name in any case, i.e. queries of the form !sr eLDerly flEX or !sr elderly FLEX - will be considered as correct.
In any case, it is advisable to use a songlist – copy and paste the title from there.
A link to it can always be called with the command !songlist or /songlist

A separate queue is created for requests and when all tracks from it are played, playback returns to the main playlist. This means that in the case when there are several requests in a row, they all get up one after the other.