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New Design for Mikulski_Radio

As it turned out quite recently: the former background for the radio stream is a...
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Anniversary of the Radio | Recap 2022

Well, today is the anniversary of Mikulski_Radio, and the year 2022 is nearing its end:...
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Separate DonationAlerts and VkPlayLive accounts for Radio

I have created a new page for Mikulski_Radio on DonationAlerts and have already replaced all...
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Song Request on the Radio in the Twitch chat!

The principle of operation is the same as with donation requests (it is important to...
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Song Request on Mikulski_Radio! (BETA)

Unexpectedly for myself, I managed to upgrade the script to implement a queue of requests...
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Jedi Friends Raid Train 6 | Radio Again

I'm participating in the next Jedi Friends raid train fest on Twitch.The event starts on...
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Video and audio recordings from the last concert!

The video of the full set from the last gig in the bar "Delo ne...
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Displaying “Latest Tipper” on Mikulski_Radio!

Your generosity will not go unnoticed: the last donation that came through DonationAlerts is now...
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Mikulski_Radio 2.0

The updated radio broadcast is already on the air!Special thanks to EvergreenDeer, author of Deer...
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Mikulski_Radio in Discord! | The testing process | Laptop donation goal is completed

The radio broadcast is now available for listening in the voice channel on my server...
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Latest Release:
EP “Passenger” (2021)

“Passenger” is a sequel to “Snail’s Race”, released earlier in the same year, and continues the tradition of releasing the most striking live jams, which eventually grew into mature structural songs.

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