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Coolstory: Switching Mikulski_Radio from playlist to stream from OBS (liquidsoap | nginx-rtmp)

I tell you about the principles and nuances of the input.rtmp operator in Liquidsoap in...
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Backup stream for 24/7 broadcasts (Nginx-rtmp-backup | Ubuntu)

Automatic activation of the backup stream in case if the main one falls. Using Nginx-rtmp-backup...
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Video Editing in Reaper | How do I make highlights

This guide can be useful for musicians to create video content more comfortably. Especially for...
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Creating a 24/7 “Lofi Like” stream part 2: Adding Features | Liquidsoap

It is assumed that you have managed to create your simple 24/7 stream by following...
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Audio version of the Mikulski_Radio

If Internet traffic consumption is important to you, then Mikulski_Radio is also in the Shoutcast...
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Presenter on the Mikulski_Radio!

I am glad to announce that I now have the opportunity to remotely connect a...
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Technical update of the Mikulski_Radio

I planned not to touch the technical side of the radio operation this year. But...
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Boosty Mobile App!

Boosty has released a beta version of the Android mobile app. It is not possible...
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Jedi Friends Raid Train #10

4-day Music Raid Train on Twitch, organized by Jedi Nitemare.My block is on Friday at...
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Back to Video on Radio

Thanks to the support of an active community on Boosty, my efforts and the new...
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Latest Release:
EP “Passenger” (2021)

“Passenger” is a sequel to “Snail’s Race”, released earlier in the same year, and continues the tradition of releasing the most striking live jams, which eventually grew into mature structural songs.

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