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Autoposts from the website

I decided to make my life a little easier: when a new post is published...
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Notifications in the Telegram channel

Notifications about the beginning of the stream are now in my Telegram channel. Subscribe so...
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The 3rd anniversary of my streaming

Tomorrow (August 20) will be the 3rd anniversary of my streaming on Twitch.There is nothing...
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Help me decide on schedule!

I created a spreadsheet on Google Docs: Enter your nickname separated by commas in...
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4000 followers on Twitch!

Barely, but still the mark of 4000 followers has been overcome.
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Modern Crusader with Mikulski – Kris Sword

Flamberg recorded his version of "Kris Sword" as part of the Modern Crusader ( project.You...
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Mikulski Internet Radio Station

I set up and launched a Shoutcast server that continuously broadcasts an audio stream with...
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A new Blog post about Restreaming

I'm talking about free alternatives and about my restream setup for Radio Broadcasting in...
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I’m building a mobile setup!

Despite the very depressing state of creative affairs, I decided to take a desperate step...
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New post for Boosty subscribers

I put together a playlist with tracks of near-electronic genres that had the greatest musical...
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Latest Release:
EP “Passenger” (2021)

“Passenger” is a sequel to “Snail’s Race”, released earlier in the same year, and continues the tradition of releasing the most striking live jams, which eventually grew into mature structural songs.

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