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Removing the fake followers after a bot attack!

Twitch Tools by CommanderRoot
Removing the consequences of a bot attack with fake followers

In this article, we will look at the features of the Twitch Tools service and discuss in more detail the function of cleaning the list of followers — a great tool to remove unwanted bots.
Greg from The Complements told me about this service for which I thank him very much.

Bot Attack with Fake Followers

Unfortunately, Bot Attack is a fairly common phenomenon. I myself was subjected to massive fake followers twice already right during the streams. And both times I just deleted them from the list, without any consequences.
Twitch support, in response to the statement that you were attacked, writes that it cannot remove all the bots-followers until it is sure that each of them is really a bot. Also, you will not bear any responsibility for this fraud, because you are not the initiator of these actions. They also add that the bots will be removed gradually, as they identify them in the system. In general, Twitch will not apply any punishment to you and you should not be afraid to use the service to remove followers.
To remove or not to remove bots from the list of followers, of course, entirely and completely will be your decision. But, if you feel uncomfortable, you want to see adequate statistics and at the same time not wait for anunknown amount of time when the support will clean up everything, then I recommend using Twitch Tools.

Twitch Tools

The service is located at and created by a person with the nickname CommanderRoot. This nickname, I think, is familiar to you, because it is present on almost all Twitch channels in the list of chat users. Greg also said that you can write a private message on Twitter and ask to remove the presence in the chat and he will do it. But it doesn’t bother me, so I left it at that.
On the service page, we only see a list of the tools themselves. I will not describe them all in detail, I will only focus on the Follower Remover that interests us at the moment. But I’ll tell you a couple of words:

Emotes Content ID – a curious opportunity to check the emoticon for “plagiarism” / similarity in the databases of Twitch and FFZ emoticons.
Upload your emoticon (preferably in a resolution of 112×112) and set the degree of similarity in the Min score parameter. 100 — it will be one to one.

Follower Remover – actually, this is what we need and what I will tell you later.
Follower list viewer – view the list of followers of any channel. Just enter the nickname in the field and get a list.

Some statistics are also available, such as the days with the most follows, the days on which the most accounts were created, and filters by the date of the follow/account creation, the time between the creation of the account and the subsequent follow, and the nickname.

Following list viewer – view the list of channels that the user is logged in to. It works similarly to the previous paragraph. We enter a nickname and get a list with the same filters and some statistics.

Subscriber list – view the list of paid subscribers of your channel. You need to log in using your Twitch account. Filters are available: Tier level, whether the subscription is a gift or not, and by whom it was gifted.
Blocklist / ignorelist manager – view and edit the list of blocked users on your channel. You need to log in via Twitch account. You can add new blocks and delete old ones.
Clip Manager и Video Manger – the ability to manage your own clips and videos on the channel. You can filter by different parameters, as well as delete them. For clips, however, you need to install additional browser extensions.
Twitch Stream Filter – ability to filter all active streams by a number of parameters. It is convenient when you want to see the real top at the moment.

Streams set as “Not playing” – it is also possible to get and filter the list of active parameters. But I honestly don’t know what the “Not Playing” status means. If, suddenly, you know what it is, then please write about it in the comments.
Streams from new accounts – list of active streams from recently created accounts.
Stats Tweets – links to the CommanderRoot tweets with interesting global Twitch statistics.
Backup VODs and Clips – the ability to back up your videos and clips in the cloud.

As you can see, there are a number of quite interesting functions. Not all of them, of course, can be useful. But still, such an arsenal can sooner or later be useful to any streamer.

Follower Remover

And here is the main character of today’s article. I want to warn you right away that this tool should be used very carefully and with great caution — since careless actions in two clicks can simply remove EVERYONE from the list of followers.
Also, I would advise you to react to the consequences of attack as quickly as possible, so as not to remove random users — you CAN NOT restore a follower after removing (the user can only refollow and even then, if an additional block was not enabled). But if there is no such possibility, for example, the attack occurs right during the stream, then write down the time when the attack began and ended, as well as the nickname of the first and last alleged bots. This will make it as easy as possible for you to filter the list.
And yes, the service is not able to determine whether the user is a bot or a person, everything will have to be done manually, filtering out people using filters.
First you need to log in via twitch.

A list of your followers will load.
Using filters, we set the search range.
I used the filter both times Followed at between … and …. – here you can set the interval from the date and time. You specify your local time, and you can also edit the hours, minutes, and seconds manually. I think this method of calculating bots is the most optimal. That’s why I recommended fixing the start and end times of the attack.
You can also set the time interval for creating an account: Account created at between … and … . As well as the number of minutes between the account creation and the follow: Minutes between creation and follow. Since it is logical to assume that the bots were created just recently. But this is not always the case. When I first encountered, the bots were created, of course, en masse, but on several different dates with a decent interval in time. And the last filter by nickname: Username.
After setting up the filters, click Apply filters and get the list.

We carefully study it, manually exclude users who are sure that this is not a bot-next to the nickname there is a red button with an arrow, in this drop-down menu you need to select the item Exclude user from removal (be careful, in the same list, you can delete a follower and delete it with subsequent blocking).

After we have made sure that all those who remained in the filtered list need to be deleted, click on the button Remove all followers listed below and in the drop-down menu, choose from two options:

Remove followers and block them re-following
Just remove followers

I advise you to use the second option, because there is always a risk that you can hook someone not from the bots. And you should not be afraid of the imminent re — advent of the same accounts-in any case, this did not happen to me.

That’s it! We have cleared our list of followers from unwanted members. I hope that you will never need this service in practice. But at least now you are ready for such incidents and will always know how to act in such a situation.

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