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What to do if a payment does not go through on Boosty*

*The information is taken from the official Boosty blog

If the card payment fails:

  • Check that the correct card payment method is selected (not for Russian cards)
  • If the card is already linked (the mask is shown in the interface), try entering the data again
  • Contact the issuing bank’s support – most likely, the payer’s card does not support confirmation via 3D—secure, and this is a prerequisite for our payment partner. Ask the bank to connect 3DS for this card. If this is not possible, you will have to use another card or PayPal
  • If everything is OK with the bank, try to make a payment for a smaller amount
  • If it passed, it makes sense to write to us in support. If it did not pass, the payment partner does not accept the card and, alas, we cannot help here.

If the payment fails with PayPal:

  • Contact PayPal support and clarify why the payment is not going through.
  • If the support claims that the problem is not on their side, try to spend a smaller amount (1-2 EUR/USD)
  • If it has passed, it makes sense to write to us in support
  • If the payment still fails, unfortunately, we will not be able to withdraw funds from this wallet for reasons beyond our control.

A couple more tips:

  • It is recommended to use a PC during the subscription process.
  • Problems were also noticed over the weekend. Try it on weekdays.