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Translator Bot

Do you need your own translator bot? Here is an example of creation on github

You can use one of these commands followed by your sentence to translate to one of the following languages:

!cn Translate to Simplified Chinese
!en Translate to English
!es Translate to Spanish
!fi Translate to Finnish 
!fr Translate to French
!de or !ge Translate to German
!it Translate to Italian
!jp Translate to Japanese
!ko Translate to Korean
!pl Translate to Polish
!pt or !br Translate to Portuguese
!ro Translate to Romanian
!tu Translate to Turkish
!ru Translate to Russian

For example: !pt Hello friends!

  • The translator uses Google translate API for translating. It will automatically recognizes the language of the sentence you want to translate.
  • Please avoid emoticons in the message, as they will disturb the bot (and it won’t probably be able to display them). Also avoid mixing different languages in your sentence.
  • If the bot doesn’t answer to you translation request at all, you may tray again, there’s a (short) cooldown to avoid too many requests.
  • Note there is also a !lang command displaying some basic informations.