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Twitch chatbot translator for Boosty subscribers

As a benefit for my Boosty subscribers, I can add a translator bot to your Twitch channel chat. You can see an example of how it works on my streams.

What can a bot do?

There are two independent modules that are included in the bundle:

  • The first one translates into available languages on command in the chat: for example, !en Привет! -> Hello! // !ru Hello -> Привет
    The list of languages supported by the bot and the description of commands can be viewed here:
    Also, I can add support for other languages upon your request, if you have such a need.
  • The second one reads each new message in the chat and if it detects the target language in it, it translates it automatically. For example, if a user writes in a foreign language in a Russian-language chat, the bot will translate this message into Russian and send the translation to the chat. And with the help of the first module, it will be possible to respond to this user with a translation through the command.
    Currently there are two configured instances: translation into Russian from any other language and translation into English from any other language.
    Of course, it is possible to configure and connect other language schemes, if necessary. Even double translation: for example, messages from English to Russian and messages from Russian to English. Here I need to look at it individually – send me DM!

Who can use this?

For those channels where there is an international audience or in case a “random” visitor enters the chat and writes in a foreign language.

Technical aspects

  • The official Yandex.Translate paid API is used. This ensures decent translation and stable operation even with a large number of one-time requests.
  • To improve the quality of translation and prevent unnecessary spam, the bot removes URL links, @username, Twitch emotes (the list is taken from the Twitch API) and BTTV/7TV emotes (the list is compiled manually) before sending a message for translation.
    Also, the bot does not respond to messages that start with “!” (to exclude the translation of commands), to users from the blacklist (mainly other known bots like nightbot, streamlabs, etc.), to messages consisting only of special characters and messages shorter than 5 characters.
    Before using bot, it is advisable to give me a list of bots that are connected to your channel and a list of BTTV/7TV emoticons that are on the go. This will greatly help to reduce the number of “false” triggers.
    To quickly add a BTTV/7TV emote to the ignore list, there is a command !ignore_emote <EMOTE>
  • The translator behaves, as a rule, decently, but just in case, a basic filter of “bad words” has been added for the returned translation from the Yandex API.
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