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Technical update of the Mikulski_Radio

I planned not to touch the technical side of the radio operation this year. But the acquired skills in composing the simplest scripts for working with text files do not give rest:

1) The list of Boosty subscribers is now displayed again on top of the video with a configurable interval, and not on a separate stage.

In the radio version with a looped video as the background, the list was sewn right into the video (yes, I rendered and uploaded a new video every time the list changed).
From now on, the list can be edited and configured in real time independently of Liquidsoap.
But I had to sacrifice aesthetics: only one font and Latin characters are available. The problem is that the Liquidsoap plugins, which convert text into an image, read only the first line, and not the entire list.
Therefore, I have to use the built-in render plugin.

2) Through the commands of the Telegram bot, I added to the top of the screen the appearance / deletion of information that a live stream is currently going on.

3) I added an information ticker at the bottom of the screen, the contents of which I can change on the fly via a Telegram bot.

4) If an error is made in the request, the screen will display that the file has not been found.

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