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Results of the Radio survey

Many thanks to everyone who participated in this small survey. Your opinion is really important, it greatly helps me in making decisions, as well as in understanding where to move on.
I confess: it was the first fishing rod thrown. There are plans to create another Boosty questionnaire, and then conduct a much larger survey on the main channel. There are plenty of ideas, there is not enough time for everything, but there are a lot of questions and doubts about what to grab and how best to do. Therefore, it seems to me that the collective opinion of the participants of our wonderful community is the best way to take into account all the wishes and come to some kind of compromise.

Analysis of questionnaires

  • A total of 25 people participated in the survey: 19 filled out a Russian-language questionnaire and 6 filled out an English-language one.
  • As expected, the vast majority listens to the radio on Twitch: 19 marks against Trovo and Youtube (7 marks each).
  • It was also no surprise that most found out about the Radio through my main channel and social networks: 21 people noted this option. Three were recommended by friends and one person accidentally stumbled across in the feed.
  • Most noted that the current playlist is enough: 11 people know the playlist, but it does not bother them, 9 people consistently meet unfamiliar tracks and 5 people would like more fresh.
    Since the launch of the Radio, I have been trying to edit and add one new video per week to the playlist. It turns out that this rate of production can be considered satisfactory.
  • Next, perhaps the most important question is whether to host the streams of the main channel on the Radio? Here opinions are divided:
    14 people spoke for the host and 11 people for the radio not to be interrupted.
    This question, for the most part, concerned Twitch, but the results of the survey and the increase in the audience on Trovo, prompted me to think that it was also time to split into two channels there too: radio separately (there is already a nickname – Mikulski_Radio), “main” separately. The only question is how soon to start “moving”.
    In general, despite the slight preponderance in opinions for the “host”, I still decided that I would not practice it in the interests of preserving the integrity of Radio broadcasting. Yes, I understand that the current system of notifications about the beginning of the stream on the main channel is not ideal and not convenient for everyone, but still Discord is the best tool for this today (check the #alerts channel and click on the emote under the only message there: you will be assigned the Notify role – this is the only alert that works on the server!). I can also recommend installing a browser extension (their choice is quite large) that monitors the broadcast of the specified channels.
  • The majority looks very loyally at short interruptions in broadcasting: 16 marks for the idea of short podcasts, 15 marks that reminders of support are appropriate and only 5 people opposed.
    The conclusion I came to based on these answers is that you don’t mind careful experiments. However, the idea of podcasts very quickly came to a dead end because of the bilingual audience: reading the text in two languages in a row is too cumbersome, subtitles are a dubious and inconvenient solution, leaving one language (English, as more universal) is the way out, but I don’t want to infringe on the Russian audience.
    So far, there is a compromise solution, both for covering any events and for “beggars”: it is to make separate short musical numbers with dynamically changing text/images in two languages and without voice-over.
    Yes, unfortunately, there is no technical possibility to overlay (any text or images that would appear from time to time).
  • Also, I took into account one of the wishes and removed one track from the playlist 😉

I hope it was interesting for you to get acquainted with the results and the decisions I made based on them. In any case, I am open to discussions in the general chat of our Discord server.

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