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Anniversary of the Radio | Recap 2022

Well, today is the anniversary of Mikulski_Radio, and the year 2022 is nearing its end: a good reason to look back and see what has been done during this period of time:

The Year of Radio

Obviously, the past creative year has become the year of Mikulski_Radio for me.
The first launch took place on December 16, 2021 and since then this stream has been broadcast continuously (well, almost). All this time, it has been systematically filled with content (56 tracks were mounted in 2022!) and it improved as I mastered new technologies, regularly rummaging through scripts on github and in manuals on programming languages. In the end, this led to a change in the original concept and a move to a new engine, which made it possible to make a technological breakthrough and add a system of requests.
A lot of love, attention and efforts were invested in this project.

The first live gig in several years

Perhaps the most striking event of this year is a gig at a local bar. But not because it turned out to be an enchanting concert with a lot of people – an empty hall was expected. And because this was preceded by very long planning and preparation processes, so that technically everything was “no worse than on the stream.”
In general, one way or another, this gig marked the emergence of a new branch of creative development, which until that moment was unavailable.
The process of assembling the setup on the road and installing it on stage can be viewed here:
The video of the performance itself (several cameras and sound from the mixing console) is here:


Also, I have not given up the practice of documenting and sharing my experience on the blog. There were fewer posts this year than last year, but they have become more extensive, understandable and better designed:

What else?

The Twitch channel has surpassed the mark of 4,000 followers, and the record of the largest raid has also been updated: Ariathome once brought 989 people.
I took part in several raid trains: RC505-fest and Jedi-Friends.
With the sound recording this year it turned out quite poorly:
A joint track was recorded with Modern Crusader:, and also a couple of demo versions of songs:, And posted some old releases from the archive:,
Also, you might not have noticed, but this site has undergone several cosmetic changes, the ability to leave comments under posts has been added, and I also tried to speed up its work (I failed to achieve significant success, but still).
The automation system has been expanded: in addition to notifications about the start of the stream, news from the site is automatically published in Discord, Telegram and Twitter.

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