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Presenter on the Mikulski_Radio!

I am glad to announce that I now have the opportunity to remotely connect a microphone to a radio broadcast at any time and chat in real time!
It took about a month of trial and error to implement this idea. In the end, everything turned out thanks to the fact that the developers met me halfway and fixed some bugs in the pre-release version of Liquidsoap!
I have already started writing a “CoolStory” for a blog, in which I will make a more detailed and filled with technical details story.


It is important to understand that the pre-release version of Liquidsoap is under active development, and therefore unexpected bugs and other unpleasant surprises are possible. So, from today comes the testing stage and if something goes very wrong, then I will pump everything back.
For the sake of efficiency, I had to sacrifice all the text on the screen, except for information about the playing track. The disclaimer “This is not live” is now sewn into the overlay and it will no longer notify about the beginning of the live stream.
This is due to the fact that a large number of layers of generated text heavily loads the CPU of the virtual server and my configuration cannot cope with this. However, there is hope that the developers will eventually find a way to optimize this.

But there is another small improvement: broadcasts in Shoutcast and Icecast (for audio playback only via VLC, AIMP, Winamp players, etc.) now display the correct metadata.

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