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Mikulski_Radio in Discord! | The testing process | Laptop donation goal is completed

The radio broadcast is now available for listening in the voice channel on my server in Discord!
From the pleasant: a common playlist with an updated radio stream format.
From the unpleasant: the technical features of the Discobot script do not allow relaying the stream to other servers.

Testing of the script for the new radio format has been going on for three days and is going very smoothly. No malfunctions were noticed. The load on the system was significantly lower than expected. I think that tomorrow I will stop the test stream and as soon as the right time comes, I will make a Mikulski_Radio reboot.

The goal of collecting a laptop for “field” performances has been achieved!
Thank you so much for your generosity and participation!
You are the best and the most beautiful 😉
I hope to please you with fresh content with backstages and concerts themselves in the foreseeable future.