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Mikulski_Live on Boosty / Restreames / Upgrade of the Radio

A summary of the news about which I somehow told on the streams, but I didn’t get around to fixing these events in posts so that everyone could get acquainted with them:

Mikulski_Live moves to Boosty

The content of the auxiliary channel on Twitch (Mikulski_Live), on which streams were carried out that did not fit into the format of the main one (games, video editing, and so on), I decided to transfer to Boosty.
In many ways, to hide such broadcasts from random guests, since recently it has become somehow uncomfortable from the fact that a rather intimate atmosphere is disturbed by sudden “passers-by”. At the same time, add published content to Boosty: after all, streams are a more convenient and faster format than shooting videos or writing posts. Well, to concentrate more interested people there, because in fact, subscriptions to Boosty are the only way to regularly support my creativity.
Also, a cool feature was found on Boosty: if you switch the website interface to English, then all chat messages are automatically translated from Russian to English!
Access to the streams will be open to everyone – there is no need to be a paid subscriber. But it is necessary to follow my page on Boosty (a technical feature of the platform)

Back to the restreams again

After long and difficult thoughts, I finally decided to re-stream the main channel to several platforms. This step seems logical: times are unpredictable now, and therefore it is necessary to prepare and develop spare options. In addition, the Radio managed to gather a few stable viewers on some sites, except Twitch.
I had to make several transformations and optimizations:
For convenience, I started separate channels for the radio on Trovo and WASD.
Using the toolkit Streamix, I combined the display of messages from chats, alerts and events from all sites on the stream. The general chat is currently displayed only on the screen, but there is a chance that over time it will be possible to cross-post messages directly to chats (UPD: the developer gave me a PRO version where there is cross-hosting between Twitch, Trovo and WASD). Well, at the same time, I improved the appearance of metrics on my stream.
In general, Streamix is a wonderful and inspiring application – I plan to write a blog post with an overview of the functionality soon.
At the moment , streams are simultaneously broadcast on the following platforms:
TWITCH: https://www.twitch.tv/mikulski_
TROVO: https://trovo.live/s/Mikulski
YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/c/Mikulski_Youtube
WASD: https://wasd.tv/mikulski
VKPlayLive: https://vkplay.live/mikulski

Radio Upgrade

Having suffered with free streaming services, I found a way to deploy my own restream server (Nginx RTMP) on the same rented VPS, from where the radio broadcasts. It’s strange that I didn’t think of it before.
As a result, we have less flexibility in changing settings, but much more stability of the Radio stream: the script responsible for the broadcast has actually stopped issuing a connection error and randomly stopping its process. However, this does not eliminate possible problems on the side of the VPS hoster and the streamer platforms themselves. But in theory, radio can now really work “indefinitely” without additional interventions. Well, or until the money runs out to pay for the VPS.
There is plenty of information and materials on installing and configuring Nginx RTMP, which stopped me from writing my guide – why do a retelling of what I learned? Nevertheless, I plan to do it in order to close this epic with technical posts on radio topics.

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