News digest for March 2024 – Mikulski
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News digest for March 2024

  • My channel on Trovo has again received a permanent ban for allegedly “indecent behavior.” The ban was lifted a few days later and an apology was issued.
  • The Youtube channel is 10 years old. With an amazing result of 487 subscribers.
  • I changed the multilink service. In addition to the collection of all links to my resources, you can listen to Mikulski_Radio through the built-in player.
  • The timing of the Mikulski_Radio playlist has exceeded the 12 hours mark (206 tracks).
  • Now, having subscribed to Boosty once, even after its cancellation, you will still have the opportunity to use the request-bots on Mikulski_Radio.
    In more detail.
  • I ordered new designs for stickers and postcards.
  • Published 4 new highlights:
    Jedi Friends
    Light a Candle
    133 Days
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