News digest for February 2024 – Mikulski
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News digest for February 2024

  • The release of the second single this year called “Tema-Sistema” took place. The track is available for listening on all streaming platforms.
  • Boosty is having technical problems accepting payments via PayPal. The timing of the resumption of support for the service is unknown.
  • The merch began to run out: the last guitar pick was left, and there were only four complete sets of stickers. You can get them by becoming a subscriber of my Boosty at least Tier 2 level.
  • I have edited only one highlight: “Peace and Love in LA“.

There was also a lot of time devoted to Mikulski_Radio:

  • The library for rendering graphic elements has been changed from gd to sdl. Fonts began to look better and display more correctly.
  • For a number of reasons, the Nuum and Goodgame platforms were removed from the broadcast grid.
  • Added the display of the last message from the chat. Messages from all active platforms are being pulled up.
  • The design of the scene has been slightly redesigned: the bottom panel has become translucent, the covers and QR code are larger, and icons have been added to the display of the last event.
  • A new algorithm for detecting errors in requests: now the verification is instantaneous.
  • A number of minor improvements for related scripts.
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