News digest for April-May 2024 – Mikulski
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News digest for April-May 2024

  • I received another permanent ban from Trovo.
    This time, for “long streams with low interaction.”
    The account was unblocked, but on condition that Mikulski_Radio will no longer be broadcast to their site and only livestreams will remain.
  • The stock of merch has been replenished: postcards, stickers and picks with a new design.
    Send me DM if you want to get them.
  • Requests on Mikulski_Radio are now available to all users without exceptions and restrictions.
    The list of sites has also expanded: bot have been added to DLive.
  • All content is now available on Boosty without a paid subscription.
  • Boosty goal of donations for VPS rental is completed! Hosting services are paid for until January 14, 2025.
  • A number of edits and improvements have been made to the scripts that serve my streaming infrastructure.
  • Published two highlights:
    Heart of the Alley
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