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Important! Current situation on the channel (Upd Apr 4)

This post will be updated! The information is current as of April 4, 2022
Periodically, big Internet resources in the Russian Federation are subjected to large-scale DDoS attacks.
Including my provider, who hosts this website and radio. In view of this, there may be interruptions with access to the site and unstable operation of radio broadcasting.

Everyone already knows about what is happening in the world, so I will omit this information. Here I would like to outline to you the current situation around my work, how I intend to act and what to do, as well as recommendations on what to do to you if you have the desire to see, hear and support me.

Streams and Radio will continue!

I will stream and play music. Perhaps less often or in unusual places, but I guarantee my live broadcast.
The radio will also work in the same mode.
Thanks to the Radio, I already have a dozen active accounts on different streaming platforms. Including Trovo – , which many in Russia consider as an alternative option in case of Twitch’s fall.

Twitch closed the withdrawal of payments to Russian streamers, and Paypal stopped servicing Russians.

Thus, there is no way to withdraw funds from Twitch, Patreon and the digital distributor of my music, as well as receive payments from Bandcamp and SE Merch Store for album and merch purchases.
It is guaranteed that this money will not go anywhere from the accounts of the sites themselves, but it is not known when it will be possible to take them from there. No one knows how long this whole situation will last and what it will lead to.
Therefore, I urge all supporters to unsubscribe from Twitch&Patreon or from buying bits, and subscribe to Boosty (the Russian equivalent of Patreon) or donate directly. Fortunately, such an opportunity still remains.
This will be the most effective support and will allow me to stay in the groove.

I duplicated all the popular emoticons of the channel in BetterTTV (install this browser extension if you haven’t already done so). And also set the lowest possible cost to buy them for channel points on Twitch.

So that we don’t get lost, track my other social networks!

In view of the daily growth of blockages and restrictions, both internal and external, it is unknown to which of the social networks I will still have access to.
To get up-to-date information, as well as contact me, I strongly advise you to bookmark this site in your browser and join Discord. Also I created a group and a chat in Telegram. It is on these resources that I will notify about all changes concerning my streams. For example, where they will take place in case of anything.

I hope for your understanding.
I wish you all peace, love and good spirits.
Hugged everyone.

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