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I’m building a mobile setup!

Despite the very depressing state of creative affairs, I decided to take a desperate step and bought a laptop on loan. Now there is an opportunity to transfer my jams from streams to the real stage. Albeit in a stripped-down form, but still at a decent technical level.
The mobile (or on-site) setup is in the stage of configuration, selection of components and testing. I do it slowly and carefully considering the details, so that his preparation for work in the “field” will take time.

I am still skeptical about the expediency of playing in a “reality”: this is a lot of effort and time spent on organization, lack of public and monetization… But still, the decision to buy a laptop (also in debt) was considered. This opens up a back way for me and new branches for the development of ideas. Times are unpredictable now, there are too many “what if”: suddenly Twitch will be cut off, suddenly electronics prices will soar, and so on. At least this way I will have (or another one will be added) the opportunity to continue my presence in the creative field and share my music.

On DonationAlerts a donation goal was launched, where is a goal is an already purchased laptop. The funds collected there will be used for my fixed expenses. The debt will be gradually paid off from Boosty subscriptions.
I am extremely grateful for any support.

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