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Electronic music that influenced me

There was an idea to make several playlists with compositions that had the greatest influence on my work and are somehow heard in my jams today. And, of course, to share it with you. Since Spotify suspended its activities in the Russian Federation, we had to use Youtube playlists as a compromise. If you are interested in this format, then let me know in the comments – I will continue to create similar compilations.
Since I have been listening not much of music in recent years (I do it rarely and more for informational purposes), 95% of the tracks are the music I listened to at the age of 17-25. It was during this period that the most greedy and attentive absorption of all the music that fell into the ears fell.
I decided to start with near-electronic genres, despite the fact that I grew up on guitar music. The reason is simple: Today, I borrow certain techniques of performance more from electronics. And if you think about it, you can call me an electronic musician, just taking into account that sampling takes place in real time.

In this playlist, I chose one track from each artist, but in some cases it was very difficult to do, since some albums are perceived by me as something whole and it turned out to be a difficult task to isolate one thing.
Like for example:

  • M83 – “Dead Cities, Red Seas & Lost Ghosts” (2003)
  • Telefon Tel Aviv – “Map Of What Is Effortless” (2004) & “Immolate Yourself” (2009)
  • The Cinematic Orchestra – “Every Day” (2002)
  • Burial – “Untrue” (2007)

Each of these albums I drove for a long time on repeat and they were vividly imprinted on the subcortex of my brain. And they are still pleasant to hear, and therefore I can recommend them to anyone who is looking for something interesting for themselves.
The playlist also includes several well-known representatives of trip hop. Here I can add that most of all I listened to Lamb.
The discographies of Aphex Twin and Squarepusher were also studied by me, but without focusing on the names of albums and tracks. Oddly enough, my favorite Aphex Twin albums are “Selected Ambient Works 85-92” (1992) and “Selected Ambient Works, Volume II” (1994).

Direct link to the playlist: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PL-uHnj9Sb8CCgu4L66IqsVDdAdQ8AnwrZ

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