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Changes in Boosty Tiers!

Since, as before, Boosty did not bind to USD, and the ruble exchange rate went up, I decided to change some of the benefits of Tiers, as well as add a new intermediate one.
In the descriptions for Tiers, I will try (once a week, for example) to indicate the approximate cost of the subscription in dollars.
I understand how inconvenient this is for foreign subscribers, but I’m trying to smooth out all the corners.
I recommend that current subscribers of higher Tiers familiarize themselves with the current ruble exchange rate and convert subscriptions to cheaper ones if the current price hits your budget.

  • To the Tier “1 Dollar!” (from ~$0,9 | 50 RUB), now includes the mention of the subscriber’s nickname in the descriptions of channels (the main and most of radio ones) and in the splash scenes of streams.
  • Added the subscription Tier “Mini-Merchpack!” (from ~$5,3 | 300 RUB). A one-time letter will be sent to a subscriber of this level with 3 stickers, a postcard signed by me and a guitar pick.

All other Tiers are unchanged:

  • “Stay Groovy!” – from ~$1,75 (100 RUB): access to all additional content (published in the Boosty feed and on the website).
  • “Keep Rockin!” – from ~$9 (500 RUB): once a month you can request to edit any jam you like.
  • “MOARBASS!” – from ~$17,5 (1000 RUB): two vinyl magnets are added to the merch pack, and a VIP badge on the Twitch is also assigned.
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